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Harrisonburg Upholstery Cleaning Specialist

We have the expertise to clean every type of fabric including fabric that is usually difficult to safely clean such as Haitian Cotton, Velvets, Jacquards, and Silks. Our Cleaning Technicians carefully inspect the fabric of each piece before selecting the cleaning method best suited for your material.  There are many different kinds of materials used for furniture which include:

There are many different kinds of materials used for furniture which include:

Synthetic Fibers

Natural Fibers



Combination of Fibers

Each of these requires their own unique cleaning methods to achieve maximum cleanliness.  Different cleaning agents are able to clean each fiber differently and we’re skilled at making sure the upholstery of the furniture is cleaned but none of the metal or wooden parts making up the arms and/or legs of the piece of furniture are damaged.  Many cleaning agents can cause staining or rust on wood or metals so we take great care to protect those areas.

Drapery is cleaned on site as this enables us to rid your drapery of unwanted dust, odors such as smoke, and soil without disrupting your professional installation.

Hire a professional to come clean your tile and grout on site!

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