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Harrisonburg's Emergency Water Damage Specialist

All property owners regardless of the number of buildings that they have in their portfolio would need to have a list of numbers at the ready which they can call at a moment’s notice. The locksmith, plumber, local law enforcement agencies, fire and rescue services, cleaning agencies, and insurance companies are all crucial entities that you can contact. More often than not, renovators, roofing contractors, and restoration agencies tend to be an afterthought. Hence, when there is a situation that needs to be handled, you might end up scrambling all over the place to hunt for a number. High pressure moments that require urgent attention might lead you to make a bad decision or even getting ripped off. Hence, it is best to have the contact of Spotless Specialty Cleaning and Restoration just in case your property experiences water damage due to a flooded basement or broken pipe, and needs to be restored. After all, you can never tell just when disaster is going to strike, and water removal needs to happen as soon as possible in order to minimize the amount of damage.

Spotless Specialty Cleaning and Restoration will work alongside you and your insurance agent in carrying out full restoration services so that the issues at hand can be resolved as quickly as possible. Having the experience and expertise to meet any kind of home-based water emergency, there is no shortage of equipment to leave you floundering with a flooded basement on a cold, dark night. We own a Butler truck mount extraction system, thermal image technology and moisture meters that are fully capable of picking out any areas of moisture that remain hidden from the naked eye, including those that are behind walls or under subfloors, in addition to an entire collection of drying and dehumidification equipment that comprise of professional air movers and dehumidifiers that offer both drying speed and efficiency. Special technology and advanced drying techniques are also used to monitor the entire drying process, while past experience allows us to know the right kind of equipment to use in handling the situation.

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