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Deck Washing

Pressure washing decks are the best way to clean a deck, but too much pressure and you can ruin the good wood. At Spotless, we use a variable high-pressure machine and we can control the pressure of the spray with different tips best suited for your deck’s needs, thus enabling a smooth, even finish with minimal splintering and NO GOUGING. We also offer Deck Stripping which is a chemical process used to remove hard bodied stains out of your wood, and Deck Sanding. Sanding your deck is sometimes necessary depending on the condition of your deck and the type of wood it is made out of. Call us for a professional and free evaluation.

Patio and Concrete Cleaning

Keeping your patio, or concrete walkway looking new and free of weather contaminants can be a tough job.  That’s where SPOTLESS Specialty Cleaning and Restoration can help.  We have equipment that can handle any job no matter how bad it may look when we arrive on the scene.  We can assure you that you will be more than satisfied when we leave.  The combination of our amazing equipment and our well trained and certified technicians is the perfect match for any business or home.

Keep your patio or concrete walk way looking new!

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